Project Updates and Favorite Etsy Sellers

Hi everyone! First, I’ll update you on the lanterns for Ellie’s room (the project post is here if you missed it). Some of the flowers came, so I attached them last night and quickly taped these up to see how they’ll look. We are still waiting for most of the flowers and trim, but this is a start, and my daughter likes it, thankfully:

The news print flowers should come this week, which will add a lot:

We have a long way to go on that room, but Ellie hasn’t been interested in it until now, and I’m glad I waited for her. It’s much more fun when she’s involved.

Moving on, I told you about my bifold door project yesterday (here if you missed it):

I wasn’t able to buy the medallions I wanted because they were just a smidge too big. So I spent a lot of yesterday looking for alternatives, and realized all sorts of things can become door handles – metal wall flowers, rosettes, ceiling medallions, etc.

I found and decided on these:

They are 12″ and perfect for my 15″ doors. I still think I will paint them turquoise, but maybe keep the gold center and add back the gold touches on the ends. I can’t wait to figure it out and show you.

Wayfair has tons of metal flowers like this:

I seriously considered some of them but didn’t find exactly the right size. I’m looking at some for smaller doors, though, especially because they are already painted.

The next thing I want to show you is a couple of Etsy stores that I am IN LOVE with.

First, look at this artist who makes these items out of recycled plastic:

I found this store when I was looking for flowers to use as door handles, and think these could actually work (if you have a clever handy person to attach them, which I am fortunate enough to have). They are meant to be wall art, but I also wondered if they could be used as decorative bowls. I’m quite sure one of these is in my future:


Can you believe that those are made out of discarded coke bottles??

Etsy is such an amazing place because of artists like this one.

Another store I ran across is this one, that sells Anthropologie-like clocks, tables, hardware and more.








I’ve seen the side tables at Home Goods for the same price, but never the cocktail tables. I so wish I could buy this large table:

Isn’t that stunning?

Thanks for reading, and stay in and stay safe everyone.


What I Buy:


Happy decorating everyone!