Bifold Door Update Ideas: Ceiling Medallions

Happy March 97th! (I guess it just feels that way). With the stay at home recommendation in full force for who knows how long, a lot of us have turned toward making our homes as nice as they can be, myself included. I have lots of projects in the works, but not being able to go to the stores obviously slows things down. I told you last week about the paper lanterns we are doing in my daughter’s room (here). The lanterns arrived, and I really hope for the rest of the supplies tomorrow so we can start.

In the meantime, I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking at other ideas. I stumbled upon this bifold door project today:

My current house was a flip, and the builder did well on many things, but not so much on others, which I guess is the general nature of a flip (very hard to make a profit I’m told, so I sympathize). One thing he didn’t replace was the interior doors, and some of them really need it. So I’m picking away at that, but haven’t addressed the bifold doors in one of the bathrooms yet.

I love the idea shown above for them. The flowers are simply painted ceiling medallions adhered to the doors. My plan is to keep the doors white and paint the medallions a teal color to match the rest of the room. I’ll show you soon, but I need to finish painting before I do.

Here are my doors:

And here are the types of medallions I’m looking at. The first one is the exact one used on the coral doors shown above, and the one I’ll probably use too:

You can find a ton of medallions here and here. You just put them up with construction adhesive and caulking, and then add hardware (door knobs or cabinet hardware). At the sites I linked to, the medallions of this size are only $10-25, and they’ll even drill the holes for you for the doorknobs. At the second source, they’ll even paint them.

Here is a mockup of how I want it to look, depending on the size medallion I pick. Ideally, I’d like the medallion to cover the panelling so it looks like one big box. Like I said, mine will be painted teal or turquoise:

Can you picture it? I can’t wait (I’m ordering materials now so it’s just a matter of delivery times)


Here are a few other bifold door makeover ideas and examples. Each links to its original source:

I also saw that you can turn bifold doors into french doors in the way you hang them? Check out this tutorial for more:

Finally, I wanted to show you that you can make wall mirrors with ceiling medallions. You just adhere inexpensive mirrors from a craft store to the back of the spray painted medallion:

Since we’re talking doors and hardware, I’ll show you some of my favorites for cabinets and doors:




Stay safe and happy crafting everyone!