What I Love Today

My big news is that I got as new computer over the weekend. I could not be more excited and am kicking myself for all the frustration and wasted time using a slow old one for so many months. I should have bitten the billet and done it sooner. My old one, an Apple iMac desktop, was amazing when new (6 years ago), but on its very last legs recently. I bought the same thing again and am so impressed. It has one cord – you plug it in and you’re done. The setup (even the dreaded printer) was maybe 5 minutes and was SO easy. This is in stark contrast to our experience with my son’s Window’s laptop, which has been a complete nightmare and total waste of money. I know Apple is a bit more, but I can’t see why anyone would risk it on anything else. My first one would still be going if the programs hadn’t gotten so much bigger – the computer was great but the software, etc., is too big now for a lower processor (or that is my basic understanding). Anyway, something to consider if you are buying a new computer any time soon! I’m a huge Apple fan and will never, ever go back.
I hope you all had good weekends. School starts here tomorrow, so we are busy getting ready. Good luck to all of your students starting up again! See you tomorrow.