Wallpaper Kitchen Backsplash

Today I’m showing you a do it yourself marble subway tile wallpaper kitchen backsplash project that I just finished. This is great for budget makeovers. Adding real marble tile to the backsplash would be better of course, but it can be expensive and time consuming, especially to do yourself. Using wallpaper instead is an especially good solution for renters, people who might move soon, and people who want a finished look but just don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on the project.

As you know, I moved recently into a builder basic home. I wish I had been able to pick out the finishes and have the builder upgrade and add things (like a backsplash), but he was in a hurry to sell and I didn’t get that chance. So, I’ve been spending the last year doing one project at a time to make the house where I want it to be. I had always planned to do a real stone backsplash, but with the current state of the country and economy, I decided to do this wallpaper kitchen backsplash instead, at least for the short term.

Here is before:

I did an exhaustive search for wallpaper, and ended up with this one:

I was so happy when it arrived because it was a cooler tone (less yellow) than the image, it was only $30, and it is peel and stick rather than pre-pasted (or worse yet, not pasted at all). The peel and stick works really surprisingly well. It was super easy to move and reposition.

Here are some more images from the manufactrurer:

And here are some in progress photos. The only hard part, which wasn’t that hard, was that I had to trim the paper to the height of my space. You can see I did it with a utility knife, long ruler, and wood board:

I think I’ll go up and around the window in that small space :

And after:

I call this a success because it literally took one hour and cost $60 and looks a lot more finished.

In case you are interested, here are the other wallpapers I seriously considered for this room and others (or view all HERE – there is a great, extensive selection). I like the idea of doing stair risers, furniture panels, or inside bookcases in one of these, like is shown below. (I wouldn’t tackle real wallpaper myself, but these peel and stick ones are so easy that I do think another project is in my future):


Pretty Little Things

Finally, I saw these cute things last night and wanted to share because I am such a sucker for accessories:


Stay safe everyone, and happy decorating.