Small in Size, Never in Heart

 I love Boston – it’s my city, the one I went to as a kid with my parents for fancy dinners, where I was mesmerized by the sparkling big city lights (it’s actually a tiny city, but not to a child). The one I lived with my husband in after college in a minuscule studio apartment, the one I went to my first baseball game in, the one I got my first post-degree job in, and so much more. I love the history, the hotels, the food, the bars, and the people. 

Bravo to the people. They have indeed been Boston Strong these last two years (and before that, and will continue to be). I’m proud to be a tough New England type, not just one who doesn’t wear a coat until it’s -15 degrees and wears shorts when it’s 50 degrees. But rather, the strong type who can take whatever life throws at them – those are the people of Boston that I’m proud to have known my whole life.

Small in size, never in heart. Boston Strong.