Sherwin Williams Lullaby vs. Benjamin More Healing Aloe, and An Opulent Manhattan Penthouse

For someone who hates painting more than almost any other task, I sure do it a lot. I have a painter come for trim, ceilings, rooms with lots of moldings, and of course kitchen cabinets. But sometimes I do smaller rooms myself. I did a bathroom and I’m working on a bedroom this week. This post is comparing Sherwin Williams Lullaby to Benjamin More Healing Aloe.

First, the bathroom is Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments (#1563). I have talked about this color for years and it is one of my all time favorites.

It’s cloudy and backlit in that photo, but it does show how the color changes with direct and indirect light. Some people see it as blue, but I see a lot of green in it.

When I got to the nearby bedroom, I thought I’d try a slight change and go a bit more blue. I went with Sherwin Williams Lullaby (221-C1). It is a gorgeous gray blue:

I love the color, but I really want a tad more green. I want to use the teal that runs throughout the house in accents, and decided this wasn’t the best choice for that. Don’t get me wrong, I love the color and could be happy with it for a good long time. Just not in this room 😉

So, I decided on Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe (#1562) instead (one shade up from the bathroom color Quiet Moments), which honestly would have been the safe thing to do in the first place. But I never regret seeing a new color in person, so no harm done.

Here is the room with SW Lullaby on the left and Ben Moore Healing Aloe on the right. The color being reflected in the mirror is Lullaby:

It’s only a slight difference, but I’m sold on the Healing Aloe on the right. I hope to have a finished room to show you next week.

Moving on, I also wanted to show you a Manhattan penthouse by Michael S. Smith that is compelling evidence that “More is More.” It’s the opposite of what I tend to do for my own space, but I can still picture living in luxury like this:

Isn’t that something? I especially love the wall and ceiling finishes throughout.

I’ll leave you with this – Anthropologie is offering 50% off many of their new arrivals this weekend (and free shipping and returns). It doesn’t happen often, and a lot of it is very tempting. These are my favorites (if you click over, they put the good stuff at the end for some reason, but it’s worth looking at it all):


Stay safe everyone, and happy decorating!