Sanctuary Cap Cana

Happy December everyone!! I was away all last week in the Dominican Republic, and came back to cold and snow (in my flip flops). It was the most amazing vacation, and I want to tell you about it. My kids spend Thanksgiving with their dad, so I went on vacation with the man I’ve been seeing for more than a year. I haven’t told you guys about him yet, but he is an amazing man and I am so happy. Here we are last week in Cap Cana:

We went to a resort called Sanctuary Cap Cana and stayed in a castle. There were other room choices, but our building was a a castle with swim out rooms and it was stunning. I took room photos, but our stuff is everywhere so it’s better if you look at the resort website if you are interested. Here is the outside of that building:

And here are some photos of the grounds. The structures, setting, lighting, design, and landscaping were all spectacular.

This is the main building. The architecture was stunning:

Here is our swim out room, where we never saw another person. We had a 90,000 gallon lagoon pool to ourselves off our back porch:

The resort was under occupied last week, so we got a hut every time we wanted one:

The pools were all beach entry and the water came right up to the the top. The photos really don’t do justice to how beautiful they were:

The top of this wall is the outside edge of an infinity pool, so you are literally swimming up to the edge of the wall looking down. I wish I had Mike swim up there for this photo:

I didn’t do a great job on photos, but here is what I have of some of the interior spaces:

And the spa, where I had the best pedicure of my life. She spent 90 minutes on my feet and made them like new:

A few other random shots:

Two highlights of the trip were things I have never done before – scuba diving and deep sea fishing for marlin. We didn’t catch a marlin, but did get a bunch of mahi. Look at the color of this water!

This is the biggest fish I have ever caught:

We are very grateful to our travel agent friend and highly recommend her. We would never have found this resort with out her. For more info, you can email her here: .

Also, I recognize that these photos aren’t great, and that apparently I have a tendency to tip my phone to the right when I shoot! I am so grateful to you guys for reading anyway and continuing to share my life in this small way. I’m thankful for you all.