Product Review: NuMe Bubble Curling Wand

Today I have a beauty product that I am head over heels in love with. It’s the NuMe Classic Pearl Curling Wand, and this is what it does to my hair:

This is my hair blown dry with a round brush – it’s pretty straight:
You guys probably already know that I love hair and makeup (remember my charity makeup blog for my mom?) I try not to do too many posts here that aren’t related to decorating, but when NuMe asked me to review a product, I was really excited. The Pearl Wand linked above is the one I picked. I had never used one before, and I was really pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and how well it worked:
So here are some photos of the process on both me and on Ellie. It took 12 minutes all together on my hair. I have a ton of very fine hair, so I can use big 2″ sections and it will still curl. I assume that women with thicker hair, like Ellie, might have to use smaller sections. 
Ellie, had to be first. I held the ends for her so she wouldn’t burn herself, but she could do it herself:
She got really good spiral curls when we curled small sections. The image on the right is what happened with a bigger section – she got gorgeous waves:
When we finished, she really really wanted to brush them out (she’s a tomboy, as you can tell from her basketball shirt, and doesn’t like “done” hair).  I think it looked beautiful all brushed out:
She lost interest, and I turned to my own hair. I pinned up the front and did about 6 curls in the back and on the sides. Sorry for the awful quality – the lighting was terrible:
My hairdresser always tells me to curl away from the face, so I did. I curled the top section next, and did about 12 curls altogether. I separated some of the bigger ones with my fingers:

You can use this particular wand in lots of different ways – wrap hair around the bubbles, or just the “indents,” twist hair while you do it, etc. – and technique definitely changed the style of the curls. I haven’t mastered them all yet, but I do know my favorite curls were the ones I made sure to wrap around the bubble itself.

It came out much more natural looking and messy than a regular small barrel curling iron. More like beach hair. This was before it relaxed:

And this is after it settled a bit while I did makeup. It makes a big difference. I always let it “settle” and then spray after makeup:

But in reality, tonight I wanted to wear my hair up because it is going to be hot, so I did a couple of updos with the curled hair, and this is what I REALY love this product for.
First, I did my favorite “double ponytail,” where you section the hair into top and bottom, and make one pony over the other. It makes the hair look sooo much longer. With straight hair, sometimes you can see the bottom elastic peeking out, which is no good, so it works so much better with curly hair. I do this all the time when it’s hot out:
Then I wanted to try an updo I saw on Pinterest. I can’t find the pin, but it more or less looked just like this!

This is how I did it. 
1. Curl all the hair with the bubble wand
2. Make the double ponytail described above.
3. Pin the longer (underneath) section up to one side with a clip:

4. Pull some curls out of the top pony to cover the clip and fill in any holes.

5. Wrap and bobby pin one small section over the elastic (I forgot to do this, but really should have).

Here are a couple that I got my son to take, because mirror shots are so hard:

And this is one I took the first time I ever used the Pearl Wand. I really think it makes much more natural looking curls than a regular wand:

This post is timed for today for a reason – NuMe is having a special this weekend where ANY curling wand is only $29.99. Regularly, they are $139-149, so that’s quite a deal.

Visit HERE and make sure you use Code ANYWANDS29 if you purchase.

See you all tomorrow with a decorating post!