Just the Prettiest Rooms Ever

Hi everyone. Notice anything? Yes, I did a complete blog redesign yesterday. Really for no reason other than to waste time that I do not have I guess. (If reading from email, you have to go to the blog itself to see the new design by clicking South Shore Decorating Blog above, or HERE).

Really, I think it was that I was getting a little bored and I really don’t want to be bored with this blog. It’s been my baby for about four years now and it’s worth it to keep it fresh so that my heart is still fully in. We were watching the Jon Stewart show recently, where he announced that he would be leaving, and typing this reminds me of his words: you guys deserve better than even a tiny little bit of apathy. 

So, I hope you like it, but please don’t tell me if you do not – I put so much time and effort into it and I don’t think I want any negative comments right now please. I’m proud of the blog because I do all of it myself, the coding, the css, etc., and have never hired a web designer. It’s extremely frustrating but also gratifying to be self-taught.

A quick comment about one thing that I know some people will not like – the jump. But I figure that if people aren’t willing to click one link to see the photos then they are not going to spend more than two seconds here anyway. It’s how I want the home page to look, and that is not possible without a jump. So it is what it is, and I am going to keep it.  Anyway, besides that and the drop-down page options, it is really pretty self-explanatory. 

Ok, on to the eye candy: