Gorgeous Paper Lighting by Japanese Artist Sachie Muramatsu (and More, Plus Buying Sources)

This is a pretty long post, with lots of links. Everything in pink text is a link….

Look what I found over the weekend. They are hanging paper lights from Japan designer Sachie Muramatsu:

Aren’t those cool? Initially Ellie was totally against me buying one for her room, but when she saw the draft of this post she seemed interested in one. I want to buy one, but only if she really likes it, so we’ll see. (It is available here and you can hardwire or use with this from Ikea or a hardware store to hang it with an outlet.)
I also found this tutorial to make a paper lantern. I like these because you can choose your exact color:

I also found these on Tumblr, but there are no original sources provided. After publishing this post, the manufacturer contacted me, and I’m so glad to now be able to tell you where they are from (and so many more amazing ones, all made from recycled materials): They are from LightArt.com.

And these by fine artist William Leslie. They start at about $2000:
And these, on Etsy. One of my clients is about to use three of these over her kitchen island, and I can’t wait to see them in person:

And a few more I like for various applications, all from Etsy. There are works of art in my opinion:

View Here (you won’t believe why they are this color)

View Here

View Here

View Here

View Here

And my other favorites that I am also considering for Ellie’s room. These are all available on Etsy HERE. I’m not really into the fairy theme or how these are staged, but I do love the lights themselves:

Happy Monday everyone!