E-design, or e-decorating, is an easy and convenient online approach to transforming your space. It differs from traditional in person design only in that it is done through photos, phone calls, and emails rather than in person meetings. The E-design approach frees you, the client, to work with people whose work you identify with, rather than the decorator who just happens to be local, and it allows me to work with clients whose projects I am really inspired by. E-design is a great way to match decorators with clients, and it has been a rewarding experience for me (and my clients) over the last several years.

I specialize in finding quality products at great values. I don’t believe in spending more than you have to, and I always work to get the best prices on items. Don’t get me wrong – quality matters – but there are bargains to be found. I always merge quality and style with affordability when sourcing items.


The Process

I’ll describe this more below and will provide a link to get started. In a nutshell, this is how it works: You provide photos and answers to simple questions about your style, budget, etc.  Then I let you know the fee and what to expect. If we move forward, I will create your custom Design Plan within about a week, and will email it to you. You can then review, ask follow up, and eventually purchase your products as you are ready.

The Design Plan

I will provide a Design Plan that includes layout, colors, and furniture and accessory selections that match your aesthetic, lifestyle, and budget. Here are some examples:


Example Layout:

Product selections:

Here is one page of chairs I recommend to a client recently as part of her overall plan (yours would have links). Note that I provide MANY selections for each product you need. I never want to say “here is your chair.” Rather, you will have choices that are all meant to work together. Of course I will tell you my first choice recommendation but I believe you should be involved in which you like best at this stage:

Purchasing and Discounts

Your Design Plan will include product images and links to view the item details and/or purchase. Because I do not represent any particular store or brand, I have no interest in recommending products from any particular source, and selections are truly based on quality, budget, and style. Also, if you decide to order any of the products I recommend, I will pass all trade discounts onto you by placing the orders for you through my trade accounts – you’ll then receive all available trade discounts (generally 10-30%) off the cost of the item. I don’t benefit from this, but it allows clients to save money and I’m a big fan of that.


Design Fees

E-Decorating services are generally less expensive than in person design relationships, simply because they take less time (the traveling, meetings, bringing items to your home, and the like are eliminated). I accept projects that I am interested in, regardless of size. Here are some general costs for typical rooms, but these may be adjusted up or down if your project is either more in depth or more simple than the typical room.

  • Paint and trim colors, 1 room – $150
  • Paint and trim colors more than one room – $150 base plus $50 per room
  • Living or Family Room full room layout, color, furniture, accessory selections – $800
  • Bedroom full room layout, color, furniture, and accessory selections – $800
  • Kids room layout, color, furniture, accessories – $500
  • Office full room layout, color, furniture, and accessory selections – $700
  • Dining Room full room layout, color, furniture, accessory selections – $800
  • Bathroom, hallway, foyer – $300

Getting Started

For more information or to get started, please email me or if you’re totally ready to get started, complete the form below. I will contact you generally within a day to discuss the project, request photos, give you a quote, and estimate timing. Feel free to leave answers blank if you are not sure – really all I need is your contact info and we can go from there!

I look forward to working with you.