E-Design Summer Sale

Summer Design Services Sale

Hi everyone! Today I’m announcing my annual summer sale for e-design services. August is generally slow, and I’ve been able to give substantial discounts the last couple of years for one or two design projects in August. I generally focus on other things in the late summer, but this year I’m caught up on blog work, and have some free time to do at least two reader e-design projects at a discount. You can email me for more info.

Here are some things I’ve worked on recently. This first one was for a client in Rhode Island who is merging households and needed to freshen up most of the first floor. I especially love the unique lighting, the very affordable but expensive looking dining chairs and barstools, and that sofa!

E-Design Half Off Summer Sale

Here is another one I did for a family in North Carolina. They have a HUGE living room and had no idea how to best use it. Here are the products and floor plans I did. Both of these clients wanted blue and white, so they look similar at first glance, but the products are different:

E-Design Half Off Summer SaleE-Design Half Off Summer SaleIn each of these, the products linked out from the blue arrows to the actual products so clients can see exactly how much each item is.  I never mark items up, and in fact pass trade discounts on to clients. So in these, and in almost all cases, you can take the linked retail prices and subtract 15-30% for trade discounts. Those savings almost always cover the design fee they pay me, and more.

Another Favorite E-Design Project

The projects above are so difficult to photograph because they are far away and the owners don’t have time to clean up and take quality photos in most cases. So, I don’t usually get to show you those. But I do love showing you local projects, and here is a favorite.

This is an amazing house local to me that I am working on now. It isn’t ready for complete after photos yet, but I want to show you some of the rooms in progress anyway because it’s such a fun project.

The entry:

This is looking into the kitchen, which got new furniture and accessories:

More of the kitchen:

And the living room – the oval sofa is from the previous owner and we worked around it, but honestly I would have chosen a very similar one:

And a few of the other rooms:

This was one of the best projects I’ve worked on in a while and I’m so grateful for it. It was one of the larger homes I’ve done, but I often do just one room for people so please don’t be shy about inquiring.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t been sure whether e-design is right for you, it’s is a great time to consider it during this summer sale.

Blog Update

I also mentioned blog work above. Here is the newest look for the blog home page:

You can scroll to see up to 50 posts at a time.

Once you click into a post, it looks like this:

I like the look of the blog SO much better on desktop, but it is also optimized for mobile as most people use that now. I hope you’ll click over a take a peek (HERE).

Thanks for reading everyone!