Blue and White Room Perfection: Sourcing an Iconic Room for Less

When I first saw this room I about died and went to heaven. Isn’t it gorgeous? I think it’s a masterpiece in restraint. It would be so easy to choose pillows with pattern, a fancier hanging light, etc.  But here, the designer showed admirable restraint and there is just enough detail to make it a perfect example of quiet elegance. I love this room.
If you can pay $3500 plus tax and delivery for the sofa and $4500 for the rug, then run don’t walk to Williams Sonoma and copy this room. I absolutely adore Williams Sonoma and their designers, but sadly, can’t usually afford it. So of course I had to try to source this room for less…. a lot less.
Here is my less expensive version:
The cocktail table and rug are a bit of a splurge, but not as much as the originals, by a longshot. The coffee table in particular is hard to find. There are a lot with silver legs, but only a few with gold in normal price ranges. And I picked the rug because it is one of my favorites ever. The furniture is from PB, CB, etc – my staples for good quality and relatively affordable basics. Here are my picks, and then some options:
Blue Chair
Wicker Chair 
Ikat Rug
Cocktail Table 
Hanging Light
End table (must see!)
Gold Lamp
Ginger Jars




Blue Chairs:

Wicker Chairs:


Cocktail Tables (#3 is only $225):

End Table (there really is no other choice given this price, although it’s on backorder):


Ceiling Light:


Ginger Jars:

Pinterest Friendly Image:

This is what I do for fun. Thanks for indulging me!