Beauty and Other Favorites

Hi everyone! Thank you for your kind words about the first paint color consult I did online yesterday (here if you missed it). I’m so glad it helped you guys, and hope you all send me pictures of your newly limewashed bricks when you do them.

I answered a lot of your paint questions by email yesterday, but didn’t have a chance to put them all in a post for today. I will over the next few days, and will answer the ones I still have pending. Most of the paint questions I have been able to answer quickly, so keep them coming if you have them.

Today I want to show your some things I plan on buying for my home, and in part 2,  some beauty products I’ve already been using and love. I am linking to all of them, but I am NOT urging you to go out and buy anything you don’t need.

Part 1: Home Ideas

I am saving a fair amount of money not doing some weekend trips I had planned this spring, so I am putting some, but not all, of that money into my house. I think in my case it’s generally a good investment.

First, a bathroom light:

I wish it was going to be one of these:

But it’s actually going to be this one, and I’m pretty happy with it. There is always going to be one I wish for, but I feel lucky to be able to buy anything right now, so it’s ok:

I’m also needing to change my bedroom rug because of my dog. I can’t even talk about how frustrated I am with her. She’s not allowed in my room except for bedtime once this comes in, and she’s going to sleep in her crate (which she likes):

And I’m putting this chair in the corner:

In another bedroom, I’m sticking with the updated traditional but slightly coastal theme, and it’s down to one of these three rugs:

I’m leaning toward the second one, which I have used more times than I can count and it is ALWAYS gorgeous. I love that you can use it with beiges or grays/blues and it looks great with both. I also love the teal in it, which I’m thinking of exploring in accents.

Next, we don’t wear our shoes in the house, so I am adding this to a small wall near the entry for the smaller shoes (not boots, but flip flops and dog leashes and things):


This is just a light I really really really want that I can’t imagine justifying like, ever, but it’s fun to dream. If I could spend whatever I want, I’d add them next to my bed over each end table:

I mentioned the pet stains above. So I want to tell you about a product I discovered too late for my old stains, but is literally the best product I have ever used for new messes. For pee, you spray and walk away and an hour later it’s gone, odor and all. I swear. Even my very light cream rug looks brand new (except for the old stains, but at least it’s not getting worse) ….


Part 2 – Beauty Products I Love

Ok, onto the beauty products/procedures. I’m turning 50 in two months and I’m pulling out as many stops as I can afford to stop it from showing.

So, I got microblading on my face recently and it has helped more than almost anything I have ever done (Ultherapy helped me the most, and I need it again, but it’s expensive). The microblading is a series of three, and this is after recovering from one:

It really helped even my skin tone and correct some dark patches. I don’t want to write too much about the actually process, other than to say it was pain free, quick recovery, fairly affordable, and I can’t wait to do the next two. I think it safely falls under medical procedures, and I’m not qualified to talk about the procedure or risks of it. I will say that I personally am so glad I did it, though. I got it at my medical day spa, and I’m sure it’s offered at most if you want to learn more.

I also got my eyebrows tattooed as you can see in that photo. I’ve been doing it for a few years and I will never ever stop. I can’t say it wasn’t painful, but it was pretty cheap, especially considering that it lasts a year, and for me makes a huge difference in the structure of my face. I do wear makeup over it, but I think don’t really need to (it’s just part of my routine).

As far as actual products, here are a few I’m obsessed with:

1. Bye Bye Undereye (here)

I use it on my whole face as foundation (remember I’m 50, so some of you will not need as much coverage). When I first tried this product, I remember thinking “There’s no excuse for me to have less than near-perfect skin anymore.” It’s that good. I use a lighter color under my eyes and for highlighting, and slightly darker for the rest (it covers melasma unlike anything I’ve used). It also doesn’t look thick or cakey, and it’s my favorite product in my bag.

2. Too Faced Eyeshadow in Natural Matte (here)

Sexpert is the best color I’ve ever used for my coloring. It is brown, but with warm purple undertones. A brunette friend uses it too, and I love it on her as well.

3. Damn Girl Mascara (here)

The photo above was before I found this, and frankly my eyelashes look crappy there. I sleep on my face, and I so wish I could stop, because it pulls my side lashes out. This mascara was on the advice of a Sephora rep, and it helps mine look a lot fuller. It puts a lot of product on the brush, but the brush is good at separating the lashes. It’s just what I need.

4. I also use Revitalash (here)

This is the ONLY one worth buying imho (and I’ve bought them all), but hadn’t been as vigilant about in in the photo above. I promise it works though and if you can afford it it is so worth it! I wouldn’t buy it anywhere except the manufacturer because apparently there is a lot of fraud out there on this product:

5. Joyer Long Wear Lip Creme lipstick in Metallic Warm Bronzed Coral (here)

I love the color with heavy eye makeup because it is a nice peachy coral that seems to be universally flattering and isn’t too much color:

6. ILNP Nail Polish (here)

My daughter and I are obsessed with these and just ordered a third color. We also ordered a magnetic one. Have you heard about those? They look like a lot of fun, and I’ll post when we get it:

The rest of my current makeup bag is a mix of CVS and higher end. I like them all, and will add more favorites in another post. This photo does remind me that I should clean my brushes, along with my computer keyboards 🙂

That’s all for now. Stay in and stay safe everyone!