Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Reveal and Other Fabulous Rooms

First the images I collected for you today, and then the bedroom tables I did over yesterday in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint….

Ok, you can’t judge. My room is still in progress so I never even bother making the bed anymore.  I am thisclose to being done, but I have to paint the walls and just haven’t had time.
Here are the tables before:

 In progress (and yes, I painted them in place):
Frame: Annie Sloan French Linen
Drawers: 3:1 Annie Sloan Old White / Annie Sloan French Linen (gray)
2 Coats Clear Wax

After, at night (cell phone pic):

I had already ordered some lavender rock crystal knobs, so I didn’t even bother taking this old hardware off:

This is probably the most accurate for color, since I shot into the light in most:

That blue ceiling. I can’t wait to get rid of it.

 Here is one of the room.


Can you picture it with the old black tables? They were horrid and were in the worst shape. Much better now I think.
Still to do:
1. Paint walls and ceiling
2. Iron draperies and hang correctly
3. Make bed and style room
4. Switch chair with one from somewhere else
If you are doing a girl’s room, this is awesome:
And I love this:

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