50 Favorites: Iconic Lighting (Billy Cotton Pick Up, Adler Meurice, Sputnik and More)

Do you guys have an iconic favorite light, table, rug, shoe, anything? I do, for almost everything. For me, the table is the Saarinen tulip. And the light is the Billy Cotton Pick Up Chandelier. Sometimes my favorites change, but on those two items they really haven’t. I guess I have also loved the sputnik and Maurice lights more than is reasonable in the past (I mean, how much should one really love a light?), but the Billy Cotton is a long time favorite. I often joke that I’d never spend $200 on shoes (um, maybe that’s not entirely true), but I could see myself buying an $800 lamp, no questions asked. I do love lighting and see it as the jewelry of every room. So in honor of my crazy obsession with lighting and especially modern lighting, I thought I’d do a 50 Favorites on it this week.

Here is the Jonathan Adler Meurice that I have always loved:

And the Sputnik of course:

And my newest obsession, the Pick Up. I can’t find a lot of images of this light installed, but here it is:

And 47 more favorite modern lights…. enjoy!

modern lighting

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modern chandliers

And since we are speaking of lighting, these are what I’ve been looking at for table lamps for a couple of clients recently: