50 Favorites for Friday: This Is Glamorous

This post is one of my favorites so far this year. I daresay you’ll notice a theme, and a recurring one at that on this blog (hint: pink, pink, and more pink!) These images are great examples of detail and styling at a whole new level, and I am totally smitten.  Enjoy, and happy weekend everyone.

This is an amazing deal – custom chairs in 36 fabrics for $340…. a reader sent me this with a question. I am fully in favor of these, made by Wayfair/Joss/Birch Lane: 
And I showed you this yesterday, but I don’t have anything else new today, so for those of you who missed it…. two summer rooms I sourced recently:

Side tables, Alternates,  Beds, Chairs, Chartreuse Chair, Ottoman, Metal Benches, Quilt, Bedding, Art, Curtains, Pillows, Sconces

Sofa, Sofa alternate, Bar carts, Modern Coffee Table, Art, Lamp, Blanket, Vase, Sisals, Pillow 1, Pillow 2, Turquoise Glassware