50 Favorites for Friday #220 – Light & Bright Transitional Rooms

What a week! Back to school was really hard. I miss my babies. Ellie is loving fifth grade, but Bobby, a new high school student, is struggling to get used to the 6:30 am pickup time and the 3-4 hours of football each day. I keep telling him it is worth it, but I’m sensing he doesn’t believe me.  I remember that age being really hard, so I am struggling with him. You all know how impossible it is to be happy when you’re child is not completely happy.  Don’t get me wrong – he is fine and will be fine. It’s just a hard time for him so it’s on my mind.
I know summer officially doesn’t end until September 21, but really, after this weekend, it’s over, right? As always, it went by way too fast. We have a ton of parties and things over the weekend, so I’m really looking forward to it. And I love fall, but do wish I had done more relaxing this summer. I can’t quite say I’m rested and ready for a new school year. How about you all? I hope you enjoyed your summers. I appreciate every comment and email that my readers take the time to write, so please keep them coming.
Here are the 50 Favorites for the week:
I probably won’t write this weekend, so here are my favorite Labor Day sales – all OKL: