50 Favorites for Friday #217

I was really hoping to be able to show you a painted and put back together family room today, but it isn’t finished because the paint store ran out of paint. Yes, you read that right. The painter went to get more of the Ben Moore color (Cloud White) that he was using this afternoon  and the store was out of the base. Normally I would just say to get another base, but they were halfway done with the room and it may not have matched. It is really frustrating for me as well as the painter because it basically delayed his schedule and caused him to miss at least a half day of work. Anyway, it’s close to complete, and I’ll keep you posted!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and have some time to look a these 50 favorites:

And I want to show you this collection because I’m loving the lampshades made out the layered shells. Also, the giant clamshells are the BEST prices I have ever seen. Aren’t they usually like $200-300? These are $55 for 14″ and $99 for 22″ – I was impressed: