What I Love Wednesday – 35 Gorgeous Neutral Kitchens

THANK YOU all who commented on my new sofa / family room progress yesterday (here). I appreciate your comments, and know they can be a pain to write, so thank you much!

Also, I *think* there is one (smaller) Robert Abbey Bling Chandelier still available for $623 if you are interested – you’ll see the links in yesterday’s post – at least it was at the time I wrote this.

Tip: For anyone interested in items like this that are rare or  don’t come up on discounts often, here is what you can do (and how I discovered these chandeliers yesterday). Go to eBay and simply search for the item you want. Don’t be too specific, or things might be left out. So, I would never put “Robert Abbey Bling #1007 Crystal Drop Chandelier.”  Instead, I search for the much broader “Abbey Bling.” Then, tell eBay you want to get emails whenever one is listed by clicking “Follow This Search” right next to the search bar – it’s that simple. Then when one is listed you’ll get an email bright and early like happened to me today. Most of the time the results are not really what I’m looking for (for example, I’ve received lots of emails of items that are Bling earrings by John Abbey or whatever), but it’s only one a day and SO worth it when you get a hit.

I can’t tell you how excited I was when a reader emailed me yesterday a few hours after my post to tell me she bought the Bling that I linked to. She said she had been searching and had seen these, but didn’t want to spend the retail price. Wendy – I am SO excited for you that you got this at such an amazing price 🙂

Ok, on to the kitchens:

Don’t get me wrong – I love a colorful blue or green or even black kitchen as much as anyone, but this will always be what I go back to. Whites and grays with maybe a pop of color. Kitchen Heaven.

This just came up today and I’m in love.
And these were my favorites yesterday: