The Perfect White Paint ((Benjamin Moore Cloud White) and One To Absolutely Avoid

I’m so sorry to those of you who received an incomplete draft of this post at 3:00 EST today – I published by accident and hadn’t even proofread. So embarrassing. Here it is updated and complete.
One of the questions that I am most frequently asked is what color white paint should I use? And it is a good question because there are hundreds and hundreds of them out there. I have tried so many of them and have really only fallen in love with one of them – Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White. And I really only absolutely hate one of them too – Benjamin Moore’s Decorators White.  Our builder used decorators white on all of the trim and cabinets in our house. It is so stark and so gray and so cold that I actually took the time to paint all of it plowed white when we moved in. I’m so glad I did – it makes such a difference even though you might not think so.
So, my general answer to the question of which paint to use is almost always going to be cloud white. It is a clean white – not tan or gray or yellow – but feels very warm, especially at night with the lights on.  The rooms below all purport to be cloud white, and they seem like they are to me, although it really can never be guaranteed unless it is your own home. I included some pictures from my own home at the end.
Ad here are a few that I know for sure are Cloud White because they are from my home:

I really do think that Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White is the perfect white, and would definitely suggest that you consider it if you are looking to paint a nice warm white color.  It is the only white I have recommended for the last year or so and everyone who has used it has loved it.
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