Do you guys all know what shagreen is? Basically it’s rawhide or stingray skin in modern times, and it’s used for lots of things, including covering furniture. I’m kind of grossed out by that, but am a huge fan of faux shagreen. The texture adds so much, and it’s beautiful.  Here is an example of how it looks:

The following are rooms including shagreen from Willams Sonoma. There are lots of pieces available there, but they tend to be quite expensive. You can see them HERE:

So, like I said, those are all pretty expensive. Here are my top 10 more affordable picks:




Pieces vary in price a lot, just like with most things. I’m showing you all my other favorites below, and have included the same piece at several sources to show you how price can vary from day to day at different places. I always check them all before I buy. One day Wayfair will be best, another day it’s somewhere else if there is free shipping, for example. Some of these are very affordable (tables for $150), and some are splurges ($1500). But I love them all, and it is a house goal of mine to get more of them in my rooms. Click any to view: