My Favorite Tumblr Feed: Modern and Unique Noteworthy Rooms

Hi all! I’ve been away with my dad, his wife, and my and sister in the Bahamas the last several days. It’s a time share that my family has been going to since I was a child, called the Paradise Island Beach Club. Do any of you know it? It’s down the street from Atlantis. I was only there for a few days, but it was lovely and much needed.

Here is the view from the resort:

Here is Dad with his beautiful wife Bev:

Dad and me at our favorite restaruant, Cafe Matisse, on Nassau:

And another view of Cafe Matisse, which you must visit if you travel to the Bahamas:

My favorite photos are ones where my sister and I were taking selfies, but I don’t want to publish without asking her. She’s STUNNING and gorgeous but shy 🙂 It was hilarious because she has literally never taken a selfie before and I was teaching her. In public. Ha!

Ok onto some of my favorite images I have seen in a while, courtesy of my favorite Tumblr feed (here). Enjoy!

I’ve had really good experiences with curtains at Wayfair lately. These are super-affordable, so my advice it to double them up. Wherever you would normally use one panel, use two for a really full look. I almost always do this and it makes a huge difference. Here are some favorites: