Hospitality Greats

Thank you all SO much for the comments and questions yesterday. I was really touched by your nice reactions to the kitchen granite (here), especially because there is no lighting, the images weren’t great, and the room is still a mess. You all have real vision to be able to see it the way you do, and you’re so supportive and kind. Thank you!!

Today I want to show you some hospitality images from Brabbu Design Forces (via Luxxu here). There’s nothing like a big city hotel, right? I’m itching for a trip to NYC. Maybe for the NY Now home show in August. Have any of you been? Wouldn’t it be fun to meet if any of you are going? Ok, here you go:

Lastly, today is the last day of the PB semi-annual sale. Some of these (especially lights) are 60% off. Too good to miss if you need things. Like I showed you yesterday, I just bought my kitchen pendants here. They haven’t arrived yet, but I can’t wait!