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I hope you had a great weekend. We did a lot of football watching and not much else, but it was very relaxing.  This coming weekend we are going to NH for skiing. I’m nervous because even though I’ve been skiing my whole life, something is going on with one of my feet where every boot I try on hurts so much and makes my toes numb. Last year after the first day I skied (beware this is gross so stop reading if you are squeamish) – my toenail fell right off. It was down right traumatizing. So I’m really thinking of not skiing. I was going to buy custom boots for this year, but I forgot and now it’s too late. But in any event, we love North Conway and not just for the skiing – it’s a great town and so much fun. Do any of you guys ski, and I’m curious, do you like east or west better? I’m am east coast girl and can ski on a sheet of ice (and usually do).
Here’s you eye candy!


How GORGEOUS is this? I wish I could buy them all!

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