I messed up the timing of this post because we had a snow day here yesterday, so I was thinking a day behind. So even though it is Wednesday, here are your 12 for Tuesday favorite Etsy shops:

1. Paperamma

This woman is the daughter of a friend of mine, and he describes her as “the most creative person in the world.” I think he might be right. I haven’t met Amanda, but I have spent a lot of time in her Etsy shop. The interactive maps, growth charts, and children’s room art pieces are amazing:              

2. Foldover Clutches for Less (here and here)

If I am reading my analytics correctly (which I may or may not be doing), you guys clicked over to the Clare V type purses a lot last week. I didn’t know whether they would be popular on this blog, but since they seem to be I’ll show you a couple of other sellers I like:           

3. Original Abstract Paintings

Last week I showed you prints from another seller. These are originals, and worth every penny in my opinion. I love this artist (Maria Kitano):                 
3. MeshCloud 3-D Printed Objects

Ok, this technology floors me. These are made with 3-D printers. I love how the artists describe their vision. This is the kind of art I want to support:

“INTO THE NEW: This new frontier of 3D printing thrills us and motivates us to keep inventing and pioneering. When you can make anything, just where do you stop? BE TRUE: Instead of trying to bank on the intellectual property of other successful brands, we are building our own brands and vision from the ground up. It’s more challenging than following the crowd, but a lot more fun! “                 
4.  Rings Under $100 

 I see these all over the place for so much more, and I love to support the small businesses that make them by hand:             

5. Hand-Made To Order Lighting

I see similar ones everywhere, but there’s something about “made to order” and the quality of these for the same or less than mass retailers that has me hooked:


6. This Jewelry

If it can’t be David Yurman, I want these:


7. Mid-Century Modern and Industrial Tables

Crafts Manhattan makes these from sustainable materials like upcylced and reclaimed wood. I also love the style, especially the satin brass ones. They are great for using in a cluster (four in a large square) in the center of a big room. They also make huge concrete tables:              
8. Knobs

I’ve been obsessed with the Anthropologie ones for years, but finally found them for a lot less here. I will probably order the amethyst druzy quartz ones for my bedroom to tie into the purple accents:


9. Custom Beds and Headboards

I wish I had known of this shop earlier. Even with the shipping costs, these are so much less than other sources AND are custom made. Once you see the detailing, I think you’ll agree that this is more enticing than mass retailers:


10. Urchin / Sputnik Lights

How have I not known about this store sooner? These are just like the Jonathan Adler ones but oh-so-much more affordable. And the store has 257 5 star reviews – good enough for me. Aren;t they gorgeous?                 
11. Lacquer Agate Boxes

These are handmade and I suspect are the ones that One King’s Lance and others sell for a markup. Perfect for coffee table and other vignette styling:           
12. Due Alberi Paintings and Prints

Have you ever wondered where designers get those beautiful series of prints that they hand in a gallery arrangement that look so nice all framed the same? This is where.  And the frames – get them at Michael’s or AC Moore (or even Target or Walmart) with the mats already inside. The only trick is buying the prints in a size that is standard for frames, so you don’t have to get them custom framed (i.e., 5×7, 8×10, 11×14).                        

On this last one – I think this warrants a separate blog post, so stay tuned for that. I’ll share all of my tips and experiences with gallery walls soon.

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