Details Matter. Here’s Proof.

I have long been a fan of Susan Glick Interiors, and I if I have not written about her before well, shame on me. Because she is absolutely amazing. If you are on Pinterest at all, which I know you are, I’m sure you will have seen her work. I think she is good at everything she does, but especially at the details. Every tiny little thing is done to perfection. When you hire a really good photographer like she clearly does, every single flaw shows and shows up big. But I cannot find one thing wrong with anything she has ever done. Look at these photos and you will surely see what I mean!
Oh, and by the way, it seems like most of you agreed yesterday about Pinterest’s new changes being not so user-friendly. They don’t really have an 800 number that you can call and complain to, so I think writing about it is all we can really do. Not that I think they’ll be reading my little blog, but I guess you never know.

These two sales made me so happy today!