Classically Traditional Designed Rooms From Amy Berry

I love design of all kinds, but I always go back to traditional design. I love rooms that are slightly formal but still livable. In my case, they can’t be terribly fancy, but these from Amy Berry (here) come close to what I feel like I can keep nice with children and pets. Enjoy these classically traditional designed rooms, and happy Labor Day weekend everyone.

WHEN You Know You Know

I buy makeup of all kinds, high end and affordable, and I have countless high end products collecting dust in my dresser drawers. These affordable ones just work better for me. I do still use high end in some things (Dior lipstick is the best I’ve found, etc). Honestly, I’m at a point in my life where I don’t think too much about buying (one) $48 lipstick or foundation if it’s perfect for me. Similarly, it’s not a huge deal to buy a couple of duds at CVS. I’ve done it all. So when I recommend these, it’s not really for the low prices – it is because they work the best for me, and might for you too..

I linked all of these, but you can also get them at CVS, Ulta, Target, etc.


NYX Honey Primer. My favorite for a glowy base that helps makeup last all day:


If you have dry or dryish skin, get yourself to Ulta or Target today and buy this foundation! It is a game changer. I have tried 50 foundations and none have looked better or lasted longer on me:


This is a straight up duplicate of the iconic Tarte Shape Tape, except it’s less drying. For people with mature skin, it works better, and it’s only $6:


Milani Baked Blush, under $10, simply gorgeous:


Does not transfer, which is really all I need from an eyeliner. Works better than Stila, Urban Decay, and the countless others I have bought. And it’s $5!


NYX High Def Finishing Powder. Covers pores and blurs. Simply amazing.

Eye Brightener

Soooooo much better than Visine. Gives instant young looking bright white eyes that last 8 hours. I had no idea how much an eye drop could do for making one look awake, but omg it’s amazing. This one is not as cheap as Visine, but it so worth it. This is the second thing (along with the foundation) that I’d put in the category of game changing products:

I took this last night to show you how the makeup looked after hours of wearing it. I have on the primer, foundation, concealer, blush, and HD power here (I think the eye drops had worn off by then). Its hard to get dewy (not greasy) looking skin with minimal pores, but these few products are making mine the best it’s been in a long time:

Thank you all for giving me the courage to keep posting about all of my interests. You all are the best.