Brooke Giannetti Patina Living

Brooke Giannetti is so well know, and for good reason, so you likely have seen her work, but it’s always fun to look at again. More than once while doing a project I have thought “What would Brooke do?!” If you don’t already read her blog “Velvet and Linen” you should check it out here. And of course the Patina Living books are a must have. I’m lucky enough to have a couple of signed ones and I refer to them regularly:

Here are some of my favorite rooms:

If you want more, here is another post I did last year with one of my favorite homes in her portfolio.

Has everyone bought a fancy face mask yet? I finally did because my daughter wanted one so we found some on Etsy. Anthropologie had this one but it sold out in days I heard:

I was looking for more like that one and found these:

First, the one I bought:


And a few others I think are cute. I have no idea if they are as effective as the N95 masks, or even effective at all, but my town has an order to wear one, so I’m going to:

Please stay safe everyone.