AD Top 100 Rooms

Hi everyone!  I wanted to tell you that I’ve been really disappointed with the way my email service changes the appearance of my posts. So, if you read by email, the font is tiny and the photos are often misaligned. I’m working on this, but not sure if I have an answer. So I wanted to encourage you to CLICK THE POST TITLE to read online. So today, just click the top where it says “AD Top 100 Rooms,” for example. Getting posts by email is awesome and I do it with all my favorite blogs, but I almost always click through to look and it’s always worth it, especially on mobile devices.

Here are a few favorites from the AD top designer’s list this year (originals here). They are not necessarily what I’d do in my home, but I think there are some good examples of playing with scale and other elements and I learn from studying them. Enjoy!

And some more things I’ve had my eye on. As always, click photos to view:
Some glittery favorites:
Cute sweaters and an adorable scarf:



I don’t have this exact one, but I have similar and I love the suede in winter:

I like these, especially in the blue:
I love these  big scrunchies:
I have this in two colors and I wear them all the time:
I’m glad these ties are back in style too:
So. Cute:
Isn’t this stunning?
I think this is a really cool belt:
These shoes. Sigh. Total lust.
I really think this is the cutest fashion trend of the last year or so. You saw the shoes above, but they also sell just the socks:
A few things that don’t need explaining:
Insanely cute and wearable shoes:
I love stack rings of all kinds:
I want these cute mittens for Ellie and for me:
Men never seem to understand why women need more than one bag. But of course we need big and small! These are little ones I like:
This sweater is so me:
See you tomorrow